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  • Malt Attacks

    (© Saskia Vanderstichele)

    Hear, hear, beer lovers: there’s a new specialist beer shop in Sint-Gillis/Saint-Gilles. Malt Attacks stocks a wide variety of Belgian and foreign beers, by independent breweries and small producers. Good news for budding brewers, the shop has some homebrewing equipment on sale as well.

  • Alex Vizorek : la belgitude, c’est quoi ?

    (© Mathieu Buyse)

    Humoriste de plus en plus présent sur les ondes (La Première, France Inter) et sur les écrans (La Une), le Bruxellois Alex Vizorek n’en délaisse pas pour autant son premier amour, la scène. Avec cinq complices de différents horizons, il s’intéresse aujourd’hui à un concept mal défini mais que beaucoup nous envient : la belgitude.

  • Younes Baba-Ali : comment faire son nid ailleurs

    Younes Baba-Ali, né en 1986 à Oujda, dans le nord du Maroc, et basé à Bruxelles depuis quelques années, a l’habitude d’investir l’espace public. Son exposition à la MAAC, qui clôture six mois de résidence, commence dès la rue, par une double interpellation.

  • It's Now : comme l'oiseau qui passe

    « Il y aura une sacrée humanité sur le plateau », se réjouit Fatou Traoré. Pas moins de dix-sept artistes circassiens, venus des quatre coins de la planète, étudiants en troisième année de l’ESAC, se produiront sous les voûtes de la grande Halle.

  • Party Tip: Brussel Helpt

    Elk jaar zet FM Brussel zich in voor een goed doel met de solidariteitsactie Brussel Helpt. Dit jaar strijdt de zender tegen eenzaamheid in de stad.

  • Wet Sounds: music that makes a splash

    (© Joel Cahen)

    A stone’s (or ball’s) throw from the Vossenplein/place du Jeu de Balle and the controversy provoked by proposals for an underground car park, Les Ateliers Claus are taking over the Marollen/Marolles swimming pool for a musical evening in swimming gear.

  • Mr. Turner

    Are you bothered by English people who joke that it’s impossible to name five famous Belgians? Hit back at them with Van Eyck, Rubens, Bruegel, Van der Weyden, and Magritte, and then challenge them to name five famous English painters. With any luck, they will start naming portrait painters and you can retort that that school was nothing without the influence and inspiration of the Belgian Antoon van Dyck. Neatly having won the argument, you can then effect a reconciliation yourself by bringing up Joseph Mallord William Turner.

  • Stijn Grupping & Ine Van Baelens Circus Minimus

    (© Sacha Jennis)

    Bij herfstige dagen past de warme romantiek van rondreizende circussen die hun tenten opslaan in de stad. Het is door die romantiek dat Stijn Grupping en Ine Van Baelen zich graag lieten inspireren. Grupping is cinematograaf en circusartiest. Van Baelen heeft ook een filmopleiding gevolgd en is daarnaast theatermaker. Samen combineren ze nu circus, theater en film in deze charmante familievoorstelling.

  • Bram De Looze: 7 is the magic number

    When we spoke to Bram De Looze, he was in New York, recording an album with the Dre Hocevar Trio, one of a number of trios in which he plays the piano. Here in Belgium, he is known above all as the seasoning in LABtrio, with which he released a fresh debut album last year, and as part of the De Looze/Machtel/De Waele triumvirate, a group that dates from his days at the Lemmensinstituut in Leuven. His upcoming return to Belgium, on tour as a bandleader, will present a more ambitious sound. De Looze has composed new music for no fewer than seven musicians: in the Bram De Looze Septych, he is joined by two cellists, three horn-players, and a drummer. “I would love to create the same chemistry and interaction as in my trios,” he told us from New York.

    Back in 2012, he got a grant to study jazz there for a year and he still hasn’t torn himself away. “But that kind of interaction is only possible with the right musicians,” he adds. In this case a carefully judged blend of for the most part experienced colleagues from the New York and Belgian scenes.

  • Brabançonne

    Filip van België mag niet aarzelen. Vincent Bal verdient een grootlint in de Leopoldsorde. Omdat hij de meest vaderlandslievende film heeft gemaakt sinds La Belgique martyre uit 1919. Maar ook omdat hij deze kille tijden bestrijdt met warmte, humor, het lef om buiten de lijntjes te kleuren en veel muziek.

  • Coming Home

    After Under the Hawthorn Tree, we resolved never to compare Zhang Yimou’s new films to the beautiful fairy-tale films that caused a furore in the West in the late 1980s (because they were banned in China). Too unfair. Nostalgia is a bad counsellor.

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