Harold Ancart: voyage voyage

(© HV-Studio Brussels, www.hv-studio.be)

Harold Ancart (né en 1980) a manifestement le goût du voyage. Dans son expo précédente chez Xavier Hufkens, il présentait des photos trouvées de lieux tropicaux qu’il retravaillait avec de la peinture et de la cendre. Il y expose à présent une série de paysages maritimes et de couchers de soleil. Les œuvres sont réalisées avec de la peinture à l’huile sur papier et associent figuration et abstraction dans des compositions énergiques aux couleurs vives. 

Waiting for my man

(© Ria Pacquee, Waiting for My Man Who Lost the War, Antwerp, 1982)

Three years after her impressive solo at Argos, Antwerp-based artist Ria Pacquée is coming back to Brussels. As part of the Summer of Photography, which is focusing on gender, a limited selection of her work is being exhibited in the C-Box of the Centrale for Contemporary Art, beside work by Emmeline de Mooij.

Brussels Design September: in good shape

(© Davy Grosemans)

With over a hundred events organised in the city, Brussels Design September has become an annual meeting point for design lovers. There’s something for everybody, whether you’re out to discover new talent or watch the work of established names. From a big expo to a birthday party, here are a couple of suggestions.

Summer Exhibitions: Lionel Estève

Hanging veils in organza silk, thousands of little points scattered across a glass plate, scrolls of black paint applied to some of the gallery’s windows, cloth from which certain threads have been patiently pulled out in order to create a form of gingham by extraction, some dried poppies...

Summer Exhibitions: Signed, sealed, delivered

At a time when the handwritten letter is a species in danger of extinction and when handwriting of any kind is becoming increasingly rare, it is particularly moving to see, so close up (one can almost touch them with one’s fingers) missives and other autograph documents created by the hands of illustrious and now inaccessible figures.

Summer Exhibitions: Sept femmes en résidence

Based in a splendid art nouveau building, the Hôtel Hannon, the Espace Photographique Contretype has been running an artist residency programme since 1997, which has led to the development of a collection of more than 250 items. This collection is being highlighted in two ways this summer: in a general way at the Centrale for Contemporary Art and with a particular focus on the seven female residents at Contretype itself.

Summer Exhibitions: Il était une fois l'art brut

Crazy people’s art? Children’s art? Primitive art? There are many misunderstandings about art brut (outsider art) – art produced outside the traditional circuits. These raise fundamental questions about the nature of art itself and about the categories we decide to apply to it. Playfully sidestepping people’s prejudices, “Il était une fois l’art brut” brings together 80 works, without any explanatory texts – so that the visitor focuses first of all on the painting, drawing, or sculpture rather than on any characteristics of the person who made it. Keen to build bridges and to encourage dialogue, the art) & (marges museum has included photographs and videos by Messieurs Delmotte, an artist from the “official” art world. He raises questions about art through the absurdities of the way he turns the spotlight on himself. (Image: Jeantimir Kchaoudoff)

• IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS L’ART BRUT > 12/10, art)&(marges musée/museum, www.artetmarges.be

Summer Exhibitions: Kevin Marcell

The city has its own mysterious ways of revealing itself: fragmented, kaleidoscopic, like a constant interplay of sights and sounds that penetrate your pores. The work of Kevin Marcell, a Venezuelan street artist based in New York, embraces the city in all its complexity.

Summer Exhibitions: Stephan Balleux

(Stephan Balleux: Hold Everything Dear, 2010)

The Elsene/Ixelles artist Stephan Balleux has come full circle: he is back in his own borough in the Elsene/Ixelles Museum for a huge exhibition that covers ten years of work and has at its heart a gigantic picture installation specially created for the occasion.

Summer Exhibitions: Rossella Biscotti

(Rossella Biscotti: Pharmaceutical Dreams)

The trial of some alleged communist terrorists in Italy in the 1970s, a workshop in a female prison, a patient telling his life story to a psychiatrist under the influence of a truth serum: Rossella Biscotti’s work often explores tensions between individuals and institutions that are trying to control them.

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