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  • Music sounds better with you

    (© Wide Vercnocke)

    EN  Is this Beck’s big comeback? Will Nick Cave survive the opera? Is FKA twigs really the future of music? Discover all the answers and more at Brussels’s concert halls this autumn.

  • Your leisure, our pleasure

    There are the little ones. The ones that you might be inclined to overlook because of their modest format, but whose peculiarities, daring design, and high quality actually promise to deliver a scintillating rendezvous. You’ve also got the colossuses that simply obliterate everything in their path, that are utterly unforgettable and make you melt at the very thought of them. Then there are the newbies, who come onto the scene with virginal reputations, and there is the old guard, who always gives you that warm, familiar feeling… For weeks, we have been scouring the internet and paging through brochures to find the crème de la crème that will take your breath away and make you quiver with pleasure and anticipation. We collected about one hundred in total, neatly arranged by category and illustrated by Wide Vercnocke, whose experienced and skillful fingers massaged his fertile imagination. We also met up with ten insiders, each of them deeply rooted in the Brussels scene but with very different backgrounds, to find out what they have in store for us this autumn and what they recommend. You guessed it: the coming months will be hot, sultry, and incredibly intense. We hope they give you endless pleasure.

  • Feeërieën: Douglas Dare

    (© Dusan Kacan)

    De golvende muziek van Douglas Dare countert op debuutalbum Whelm statige sereniteit met een immanente onrust. Een ideale cocktail om te savoureren tijdens de Feeërieën.

  • Flip Kowlier & Raymond van het Groenewoud

    (© Saskia Vanderstichele)

    Ze begonnen allebei eerder onverwacht aan een oeuvre in hun moedertaal maar ondertussen hebben Raymond van het Groenewoud en Flip Kowlier zich opgewerkt tot koning en kroonprins. Als meedogenloze chroniqueurs van de tristesse en het feest, als liefhebbers van onnozelheden en fervente tegenstanders van hypocrisie en muzikale eenheidsworst hebben ze vooral zichzelf (uit)gevonden. De kroonprins opent en de koning sluit de 25e editie van Boterhammen in het Park.

  • Knus aan de kiosk

    (© Joris Bulckens)

    “Ik zing in de taal van m’n moeder / Ik zing in m’n moedertaal / Tussen walvissen en haaien / Is ook plaats voor een garnaal”: het emanciperende uitgangspunt waarmee in 1990 de eerste editie van Boterhammen in het Park werd georganiseerd, heeft na 25 jaar zijn nut bewezen. Meer zelfs, de vaste lunchafspraak in het Warandepark heeft er met de Feeërieën nu al ruim tien jaar een zusterfestival bij dat ook ’s avonds parels uit de zee opduikt.

  • Summer Exhibitions: Lionel Estève

    Hanging veils in organza silk, thousands of little points scattered across a glass plate, scrolls of black paint applied to some of the gallery’s windows, cloth from which certain threads have been patiently pulled out in order to create a form of gingham by extraction, some dried poppies...

  • Summer Exhibitions: Signed, sealed, delivered

    At a time when the handwritten letter is a species in danger of extinction and when handwriting of any kind is becoming increasingly rare, it is particularly moving to see, so close up (one can almost touch them with one’s fingers) missives and other autograph documents created by the hands of illustrious and now inaccessible figures.

  • Summer Exhibitions: Sept femmes en résidence

    Based in a splendid art nouveau building, the Hôtel Hannon, the Espace Photographique Contretype has been running an artist residency programme since 1997, which has led to the development of a collection of more than 250 items. This collection is being highlighted in two ways this summer: in a general way at the Centrale for Contemporary Art and with a particular focus on the seven female residents at Contretype itself.

  • Summer Exhibitions: Il était une fois l'art brut

    Crazy people’s art? Children’s art? Primitive art? There are many misunderstandings about art brut (outsider art) – art produced outside the traditional circuits. These raise fundamental questions about the nature of art itself and about the categories we decide to apply to it. Playfully sidestepping people’s prejudices, “Il était une fois l’art brut” brings together 80 works, without any explanatory texts – so that the visitor focuses first of all on the painting, drawing, or sculpture rather than on any characteristics of the person who made it. Keen to build bridges and to encourage dialogue, the art) & (marges museum has included photographs and videos by Messieurs Delmotte, an artist from the “official” art world. He raises questions about art through the absurdities of the way he turns the spotlight on himself. (Image: Jeantimir Kchaoudoff)

    • IL ÉTAIT UNE FOIS L’ART BRUT > 12/10, art)&(marges musée/museum,

  • La danse à l'abordage

    (The Dog Days Are Over © Alwin Poiana)

    À la fin de l’été, les curieux des nouvelles formes scéniques contemporaines rallient les Brigittines pour deux semaines de festival. Cette année, on compte 18 spectacles dédiés aux «Pilotes et pirates en eaux troubles», 18 moments où les corps réécrivent l’imaginaire de notre société. Zoom sur 4 incontournables.

  • Summer Exhibitions: Kevin Marcell

    The city has its own mysterious ways of revealing itself: fragmented, kaleidoscopic, like a constant interplay of sights and sounds that penetrate your pores. The work of Kevin Marcell, a Venezuelan street artist based in New York, embraces the city in all its complexity.

  • Close-up: Merode

    (Plan © Stephane De Groef)

    De Nerviërs, de Kelten, de Eburonen en de Franken, die vind je in Brussel allemaal terug in de straatnamen rond Merode, aan het Jubelpark in Etterbeek. Het is een buurt met mooie huizen, lekkere eetadresjes, veelbezochte musea, winkels met een interessant aanbod en uiteraard ook een groot, groen park.

  • Close-up: Saint-Gilles

    (Illu : Stephane De Groef)

    Certains affirment que Saint-Gilles a des petits airs de Lower East Side bruxellois. D’autres, plus sceptiques, trouvent que la commune s’est coupée de ses racines populaires sous l’effet de la spéculation immobilière – ce qui n’est pas faux quand on sait qu’il existe aujourd’hui des emplacements de garage qui s’affichent aux alentours de 50.000 euros. Pour ou contre, il n’en reste pas moins que ce périmètre urbain regorge de bonnes adresses.

  • Brussels Summer Festival: Tuxedo Moon

    Tuxedomoon was already playing post-punk when punk was still at its height. Founded in California in 1977, this particular bunch of new-wavers, turned on by the European experimental scene, moved to Brussels in the 1980s. From his base in Athens, frontman Blaine L. Reininger has organised a return to Brussels, where the band will perform at the Brussels Summer Festival.

    At their Brussels Summer Festival concert, Blaine L. Reininger and co. will play both old material and tracks from the album Pink Narcissus, released earlier this year. Three years ago, at the request of the L’Étrange Festival in France, they gave a live performance of the soundtrack for James Bidgood’s 1971 cult film of the same name; and now its oppressive, jazz-like music is available to all. “But you don’t need to have seen the film to appreciate the album,” Reininger hastens to reassure music-lovers. “I don’t know if you’ll want to see the film at all if you’re not homosexual. It doesn’t do anything for me. For us, it was a great opportunity to work together once again – and the organisation paid for our aeroplane tickets to Paris, which is a nice bonus when you live scattered just about all over the world.”

  • Summer Exhibitions: Stephan Balleux

    (Stephan Balleux: Hold Everything Dear, 2010)

    The Elsene/Ixelles artist Stephan Balleux has come full circle: he is back in his own borough in the Elsene/Ixelles Museum for a huge exhibition that covers ten years of work and has at its heart a gigantic picture installation specially created for the occasion.

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